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Blue watercolor of world map


The "third culture" is shaped both by their parents' culture and the culture in which they are raised. This collection of art was born from the creativity of such individuals. 


Welcome to our online art store! The story of 3rd Culture Art began with our own 3rd culture children. Raised in Papua New Guinea, barefoot in the tropical jungles, surrounded by vibrant colored flora and fauna, their imaginations grew along with their creativity. They are adults now, creating their own masterpieces. But getting artwork out to the world is a whole different rigmarole! Artists love to create, but get easily bogged down with all the technical details of getting their artwork onto a store, and ultimately, making a profit for all their hard work.  We take care of our artists. They create, send us a digital copy of their work, and we take it from there. We provide for you, our customers, their third culture artwork on quality products from prints to unique mugs, shirts, totes, and sometimes even bathmats or shower curtains, depending on the piece. Looking for custom mugs and clothes? You found the right place!

We are a caring, global community art shop.

Check out our artists and collections today.

John Mason
Wantok Art - Naomi Raube
Christa's Corner Art
Cynthia Pearson Stranded in Starlight
Leah Dede
Ruth Kwimby Art
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