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~Faces of Fantasy: A Color-With-me Coloring Book

~40 hand drawn faces of fantastical creatures

~20 simple and 20 more complex pages to color

~Great for fine-point markers, pens and pencils, or whichever media you please

~Spiral binding on top - great for left or right handed coloring enthusiasts!

~One-sided, thick (100#) pages ensure each colored picture will not interfere with another.

~Creatures you will find inside include a dragon, elf, vampire, griffin, unicorn, hydra, fairy, troll, dwarf, phoenix, mermaid and 9 more! Color with a friend or on your own. Relax as you allow your imagination to take over as you color these unique, amazingly detailed, hand drawn creatures based on story, myth, and legend.

~ All hand drawn by Cynthia Pearson, aka Stranded in Starlight

~Published by PlushBug, ISBN 978-1-7359978-0-3

Faces of Fantasy: A Color-With-me Coloring Book by Stranded in Starlight

SKU: 978-1-7359978-0-3
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