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Ruth Kwimby Art


Digital Art


Papua New Guinea

Ruth-Ann, aka Ruth Kwimby Art, is a Papua New Guinean who has lived her whole life in PNG, but grew up in a unique international community. Although she never traveled abroad, the world was brought to her. She attended school with kids from the US, Australia, Europe, and Asia. This has had a huge impact on how she views the world and what her interests are, which she didn't realize until she moved to the city to pursue further studies. There she found that she is open-minded and is able to better relate with her lecturers who are expatriates from India, the Philippines, and even Zimbabwe. She can also see this influence on her art due to themes she loves like 'Fall', which does not really exist in Papua New Guinea, and 'Science Fiction', which she only got hooked on because of her US friends and their almost religious obsession with Star Wars and Star Trek.

Her artwork involves digital art and mixed medium.

Learn more about her on
Instagram: @ruth_kwimbyart
Facebook: @ruthkwimbyart

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