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3rd Culture Art is a 3rd culture community of artists, coming together to showcase their artwork to a wider audience, and have an easy platform for selling their work. Let's face it, artists love to create but absolutely loathe having to take the time and try to figure out how to get it online in various formats. That is where we come in - partnering with our artists. They send in their artwork to us in digital format, and we take care of the rest - getting it out to you, our fabulous customers! 

One of the guiding principles of our shop is that everyone should be able to enjoy art. 3rd Culture Art is a convenient and interactive space for both art enthusiasts and collectors to find pieces that cater to a wide array of tastes. With convenient shipping options and easy to use search options, you’ll easily find your next masterpiece or unique mug. Not sure where to start? Get in touch and one of our knowledgeable team members will happily guide you through the art selection process.

All the best,

Wendy Dede, and the 3rd Culture Art Team

Gallery Show
Sculpture Circle
Black Oil Painting
Young Boy in a Museum
Flying Chairs
Red Oil Painting
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