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Want to join us?

If you are a 3rd culture individual who loves to create art, then please apply below. Not sure if you are a '3rd culture individual'? A common example would be, if you have grown up as a child in a country different from your parents' culture, and now back in their country, trying to figure out life there, you will have combined the two cultures to create a third unique culture of your own. You may consider yourself to have been a missionary kid, military kid, or raised overseas. If that is you, please contact us. We are looking for more artists to join our community. Fill out the application below so we can get to know more about you, your background and your talent. Once you are accepted, we will set up your page, give you access to our 3rd Culture Artists community forum, and as you send in your artwork, we will showcase it and determine what items it would look good on. Really! Once accepted, all you need to do is upload your artwork in a high quality format, fill out a short form, and we do ALL the rest. And, we provide a 12% royalty for all items we sell with your artwork on it.


Interested? Please fill out this form to apply today!

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